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Clogged Toilet Drain Solutions to Avoid Blocked Drains

A clogged toilet can be unsightly and a health hazard to all using the toilet. This needs to be solved immediately.

A clog in the toilet is usually presented in 2 ways:

A bowl full: Where after flushing the water remains in the bowl.When this happens, do not flush the toilet again. It should not be used for a several hours to let the water drain away.

Bowl empty: After flushing the toilet, water that stands in the bowl does not come. In such a case, the clog may have formed after a flush and flushing again might solve the issue.

Some of the clogged toilet drain solutions that can be used are as below:

1. Plunger. Is all purpose and the first tool for any blocked drainage. It does not need any expertise to use, thus making it friendly to all.

2. Dish washing liquid. This is poured into the toilet bowl and let stand for five minutes. Hot water is then poured and if successful, the soapy water will drive away the clog.

3. Coat hanger. This is a wire inserted as far as possible inside the toilet. Once inside, pull it back and forth while twisting it. If the clog is removed, water will start to drain normally.

4. Caustic Soda. Though environmental unfriendly can be used to as an alternative if the above methods do not work. Pour into the toilet bowl and let it stay for a few hours, then flush with the lid closed. It’s also important to counter check that chemical will not have an effect on the septic tank if any.

The clogged toilet solutions can be used in combination, for example the plunger and the dish washing liquid. But should all the methods fail, it’s time to call in the experts as the problem may be in the main sewerage system.Also counter check with other drains to see if they are affected as well.