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How to fix clogged drain in tub

There are several steps in clearing a clogged drain in a tub. The materials you will need before clearing a clogged drain in a tub include; plunger, wet clothe, commercial drain opener, bucket, drain and tap auger, stiff brush, wire coat hunger, petroleum jelly and a plunger. First and foremost, you should remove the cover of the drain and clean below its surface. You are likely to find that some hair has accumulated underneath the drain in a tub especially in case you’re a screw is used to hold your drain into place. If the drain is pre installed with a tub stopper, you should first pop up the stopper before twisting it to unscrew and then remove the plate with the trip for the stopper and remove the stopper assembly carefully.


Use the drain claw or a bent wire hanger to clear clogs that are deeply inset. This should be done by first straightening out the coat hanger and then make a hook in the end before using it to pull out any hair or other particles that might have caused the clogging of your drain in a tub. Be careful and ensure that you pull the gunk out rather than pushing it in so as to avoid worsening the situation. After that, get some few cups of hot water and pour it directly into your drain in tub. You may use kettles for easy pouring and let it stand for ten to fifteen minutes before considering using the plunger. Do not use boiling water because it may liquefy or melt any wax or sealants or even the rubber gaskets that are used for the plumbing connections or fittings.


Mix a third cup baking soda with a third cup of vinegar in a bowl and quickly pour the mixture down the drain in a tub. Then open the hot water and ensure your tub is filled with sufficient water to cover the clog. Use a plunger to pull for about ten times so as to make sure that you clear the clog fully. It is important to note that the moving water underneath the drain will assist in clearing up the drain faster. Always call a plumber before considering using any chemical products or be sure to follow instructions very carefully when using them.