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Free plumbing advice

When you wake up early morning and finish the daily routines, wish not to get late to office. But when realize that there is something wrong with the pipes and got no water. In such situations you are out mind and unable to perceive the exactly problem with plumbing, their might frozen pipe or blockage somewhere in the middle. Before you take any step, first you need conform once with your water supply company is there any problem persisting to the supply.


Once you get a confirmation from the water supply board that every is fine from there end, then you need to immediately start research find that where the pipe is frozen and defrost it to avoid the expansion that leads to damage of pipe and water leaking out of the damage.

I would like to suggest few steps that need to be followed based on my experience.



The first and foremost step is identifying, where the pipe is frozen and pinpoint the location of the blockage. Before proceeding further to take some action.

This can be done by going through the pipe to locate where the pipe is frozen using hands. During the very cold weather the number frozen might increase.



If the frozen area of the pipe is identified, the important step is safeguarding the items around it from getting damaged. Dislocate the smaller items in safer place and cover the larger items.


Turn off Main supply

In case the frozen part of the pipe bursts first thing you need to do is turn off the main supply valve through which the water flows to different sections of the pipe. This main supply valve might be found on the edge from where the main service pipe enters your home.


Turn on the closest tap

Turn on the closest tap that might allow the water to flow freely when the frozen part melts.



Use some tool like hair-dryer or hot water packs to melt the frozen part in the pipe. Carry out this procedure from tip of the pipe to end of the cold water tank. Be carefully while handling this, any time the pipe might burst and water oozes out of it.

Very important note is that never use direct flame or heat guns that lead to the damages of the pipe or fire hazards


Investigate Damage

Once you have refrozen the frozen part of the pipe, you need carry out through investigation to find out any damage or leakage to avoid scarcity of water. If you find any damages then you need to fix the problem immediately by emergency plumbing.


Turn on the taps

Once everything is fixed you can turn on your stop valve and stopcock back and leave it run until normal flow of water is ensured.


Insurance policy

In case if the pipe burst, it good if you hold a insurance policy that cover the costs of the alternative accommodation for you and your family until everything is fixed


Drying out

Once all the issues are fixed you need to dry out your home in possible ways by keeping heater on, open the windows.


Damaged items

Keep the damaged items so the insurance company might need to look at them before replacing with the new ones.

These are some of the important free plumbing advice or tip to defrost the frozen to avoid or prevent any damages to property or possessions.