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Homebush Plumbing Emergency

Geoff was a retired “Brickie” and him and his wife June had talked about rebuilding their BBQ for years. June just wanted something simple, but Geoff had plans for an Olympic sized BBQ, something the neighbours would be jealous of.

He had grand plans to build something that was convenient and well equipped. He also wanted the added feature of a pizza oven. He was sure it would be a great talking piece and that it would also add some character to their otherwise rather bland courtyard.

Inspiration had hit him and he decided to make not only a BBQ but also a brick patio to house the BBQ. He was so enthusiastic he set to work drawing up plans and scouring the internet for design ideas. He finally settled on a plan and he mapped out the area calculating the amount of bricks he would need. Now that he had the bricks on order her had to clear the old site. Sunday was a great day for being out in the garden and he had enlisted the help of his nephew Steve to help him pull apart the old BBQ and prepare the area for the new one.

The pair set to work early and removed the old BBQ and began to knock out the old brick work and cement flooring. Steve worked as a labourer so he knew how to use a jack hammer. He started to jack hammer the old concrete slab and was making a good job of it too until he heard a rush of air and then a funny smell.

“Hey Geoff” he yelled. “I have just hit something, think it’s gas!” Geoff dropped the wheel barrow and ran over to see what Steve was talking about. “Quick Mate, turn off the gas meter at the side of the house!.” Steve ran to the side of the house and shut off the gas. Steve could only partially close the valve as it was really stiff. He pulled a business card from his wallet for Your Neighbourhood Plumber Homebush and handed it to Geoff.

“These guys are really good and they have Emergency Plumbers in Homebush area too.” Geoff called the plumber and organised an Emergency Call. The Homebush Plumber was able to repair the line and also replace the shut off valve. Being a true professional plumber he also organise to come and hook up the gas when Geoff finished his BBQ monument.

Homebush Plumber Emergency? Ring us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0411 230 121.

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