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Homebush Continuous flow HWS cold

Liam left work at the usual time of Friday to head to the gym. He was trying to get fit to compete in the City to Surf race so he was working out regularly to build strength and endurance. He had made friends with a few of the guys and they made a pact to train together and run as a team.

Liam enjoyed the challenge of his workout friends pushing him to train harder and get the most out of his gym sessions. The guys also met up for early morning runs before work and sometimes on the weekend. They were all determined to do well.

Since it was Friday the guys decided to participate in a spin class after their usual weight session. The class ran for the best part of an hour so they were all getting pretty hot and sweaty. A few of the friends decided to shower and change at the gym, but since Liam lived close by he decided to have a shower at home.

Liam returned home and threw him gym bag in the laundry. He was really looking forward to having a nice hot shower. He turned the shower on and jumped in. “AHHHHH” he shouted, the water was cold.

It had been a bit of a shock to feel such cold water when his hot water system had been so reliable in the past. He did his best to have a cool shower since he was already cold.
He had a flyer in his letterbox for Your Neighbourhood Plumber Homebush and reported the lack of hot water.

The Homebush Plumber attended and Liam was surprised that he was quick to diagnose the problem. There had been some work conducted on the mains recently and this could have led to a small amount of debris into the continuous flow hot water service. This caused the filter on the HWS to block and not allow enough water to flow to work. He cleaned out the debris and the system started to work again as expected.

Hot Water Maintenance or replacement is one of our specialities. Call us today on 0411 230 121.

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