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Tips to Install Hot Water Expansion Tank

A hot water expansion tank is made to assist avoid changes in water pressure, thus stopping damage. This tank serves as an overflow holder by absorbing extra water quantity that the system produces when heating water. The check valve control incoming force from the supply of water. The closed unit relies on the expansion unit to prevent extra pressure from the heater. Installation prices for hot water expansion tank differ from areas to areas and job scope. A tee will need to be placed over the heater when one is not there. If you plan to hire a plumber to install the water heater, it is best to obtain a rate for the fitting of the expansion tank.


An expansion tank avoids pressure raises because of the thermal expansion of the water. If the water is heated from 50 degree F to 120 degree F the water expands by two percent. If there is a closed unit that shows that there is a back flow stopper or other systems that avoids the water from running back in to the main, this will create quick pressure raises in the plumbing unit. Even though expansion tank are marked to be placed on the hot side, it is good that they be fitted on the cold line. The expansion tank can be at any place on the plumbing system and does not required to be placed near to the water heater. It is placed availing a T at the inlet to the heater. But performance it can be placed at any placed on the cold inlet.


This type of tank can be placed in all types of attitude. This will struggle with information that arrives with the tank you purchase at a store. The fitting guidelines that are available with expansion tanks show that the tank should be kept in a hanging vertical point. The expansion tank is available with saddle installing that let the fitting in to the unit without any soldering, thus creating placing easier for the common home owner. This type of installation is a unit that clamps on the pipe and contains female threads that will agree to the expansion tank. A tiny hole is made in the pipe, the clamp is set hence the holes lines up along with the tank inlet. It is also good to use galvanized fittings or soldering the proper fittings in to the unit.

Even if you do not contain valve placed on the water line and hence do not contain a closed water system, you may benefit from the expansion tank. It usually placed over the heater prior the water arrives in to the heater. The additional hot water from the expansion can be kept in the tank and when hot water is required it is put back in to the heater. Getting an expansion tank assists avoid dripping appliances by maintaining the additional pressure from reaching the appliances and damaging them. It is also good to call a plumber to install an expansion hot water heater in the home.